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Our Approach

We all want to be fit and healthy, yet quite often achieving our goals involves more than just a fitness regimen.

On our journey to health and fitness, we sometimes need to first understand what barriers might be in our way in order to move forward.

Bret Bondlow

In truth, many of us struggle with personal, social, physical, or psychological barriers that prevent us from reaching and exceeding our health, wellness, and activity goals.

For example, Compelling Fitness worked with a client who struggled with squatting. The mechanics of squatting low was challenging due to his physical limitations, leading to a fear of doing so. By having him work on a large tumbling mat, rolling, crawling and even performing a forward roll gave him the confidence to perform at a level he did not feel was possible. 

Sometimes by performing a new pattern that is unrelated to the issue at hand will subsequently give the individual the confidence and belief in himself to do something previously thought unattainable. 

On our journey to health and fitness, we sometimes need to first understand what barriers might be in our way in order to move forward. 

How We Work

At Compelling Fitness, we use unique strategies to identify, treat, and train each client according to specific and individual challenges, issues, and barriers.

  • 1

    Listen, learn, and understand

    Using careful observation and inquiry techniques, together we develop a full picture of what you want to achieve, and identify what factors or barriers may be getting in the way.

  • 2

    Develop and implement a plan

    We then develop a plan to overcome your boundaries and achieve your goals, incorporating the unique strategy of P.L.A.Y. as much as possible.

I had always wanted to do a handstand, but for some reason I was afraid to invert myself and be exposed in that position. Physically, I am plenty strong, but emotionally I struggled with getting into that position. It’s this barrier that prevented me from achieving that goal.

Bret Bondlow

What is P.L.A.Y.

P.L.A.Y. is a unique approach developed by Bret Bondlow, and has four main components:

  • P

    Performance and Movement

    I teach people how to perform and move again! We have become very mechanical and robotic in our movements and have trained ourselves to look good and be in shape, but we are not necessarily functional, healthy, and happy.

  • L

    Living and Loving Life

    Embrace and experience what life has to offer! Society has devolved to where you do not have to move at all. With a swipe of a key or push of a button everything can be done for you. While surely convenient, the body is designed to be positively stressed in life through physical, mental and emotional challenges. Ultimately that is how you become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • A

    Adopting a Positive Attitude

    When we are in pain due to lack of mobility or functionality, we most certainly are unhappy and experiencing negativity. These emotions rule our way of thinking and can easily derail efforts from an emotional and physical standpoint.

  • Y

    Young at Heart

    Staying young at heart is priceless! Regardless of age, our state of mind can carry us to places we never thought possible. Unfortunately, today even kids have trouble staying young because of the pressures put on them. I encourage everyone to let loose, take a break, and embrace what it means to be and feel young at heart.

Play Outside!

I believe of utmost importance is to re-connect with the outdoors.
Don't be afraid to get dirty, run around barefoot, smell the air.
Listen to the sounds, feel the wind, embrace the cold, and sweat with the heat.

It is what your body is designed to do so take a deep breath, let it go and get out there and PLAY.

Bret Bondlow

Our Services

Compelling Fitness provides unique services for fitness, mobility, and strength training that you won't find anywhere else.

More mental rather than physical.

Indian Club, Clubbells, Mace Training

Improve strength, body/mind connection, flexibility, ambidexterity, agility, neuromuscular control, circulation, breathing, rhythm, posture, perfection of form, and elegance of action.

Much different than stretching.

Joint Mobility

Effective joint mobility sustains and extends flexibility and movement over a longer period of time, and with greater results. Reduce or eliminate chronic pain, improve overall health and function and do more with less effort.

Getting back to the basics.

Crawling, Rolling, Tumbling

Relearning to crawl, roll and tumble allows us to rebuilding the foundation of movement while improving strength, core function, reduce injury and improve movement efficiency.

Grounding and rebuilding the foundation of movement.

Barefoot Training

Enhance and improve gait, posture, balance, and body positioning.
Anyone can train barefoot, but like any type of training it is all about conditioning.

Corrective Exercise Training

For post-physical therapy requiring ongoing program development.
Detailed and customized programs to ensure mastery of form and technique before proceeding to advanced levels.

Training for kids, youths, and young athletes of all fitness levels.

Group Youth Training

This is an opportunity to connect with others, explore movement patterns using your own body weight and engage in interactive games challenging, balance, coordination, strength and enhancing communication and team-building skills.

Being fit and healthy should not limited to spending time in my studio. It's a lifestyle to be embraced every day.

Bret Bondlow


Steve Cotter Seminar on Kettlebells, Martial Arts, and Joint Mobility

2 Full Days with Steve Cotter

Join Steve Cotter at Compelling Fitness for a 2-day event covering Kettlebells, Martial Arts training, body-weight conditioning, joint mobility, and flexibility.

May 9, 2020 10am - 6pm
May 10, 2020 10am - 6pm

For more than 30 years Steve Cotter has promoted body-mind fitness around the world through martial arts, Qigong, mobility, flexibility and Kettlebell training and via IKFF educational courses.

He has been named by Men’s Health magazine as one of the Top 100 Fittest Men of All-Time, and has been globally recognized as a fitness educator, leading hands-on trainings to thousands of fitness professionals in over 60 nations.

More than anything, Steve loves to teach and share his unique experience to promote health, happiness, and longevity through fitness.

About Us

Compelling Fitness is a private training studio located in Kingston, Massachusetts.

The studio is equipped to allow for movement using very unique training styles taught by owner and trainer Bret Bondlow.

About Compelling Fitness

Compelling Fitness is a unique training studio located in Kingston, Massachusetts. 

Compelling Fitness has approximately 800 sq ft of open training space, with 1-1/2" padded flooring. This allows for floor-based activities to take place without putting stress on the back or knees. Bret also encourages and highly recommends training barefoot for sensory feedback and improved body awareness.

The studio is equipped with a Versa Climber, Concept 2 Rower, stationary bike and handicapped-accessible cable equipment.

A unique aspect of the studio is that it does not have dumbbells. As an alternative, Bret provides Kettlebells, Clubbells, Indian Clubs, Mace (Gada), tumbling mat and slide board, stability balls, tubing, ropes, and balance equipment.

Owner and trainer Bret Bondlow takes great passion for getting to know each client as an individual. Bret takes great pride in developing a program that not only addresses your physical needs and goals, but is something that you enjoy and can take with you wherever you go.

Compelling Fitness - Indian Clubs, Gada Mace Clubs, ClubBells

Expand your fitness regimen with Kettlebells, Clubbells, Indian Clubs, Mace (Gada), tumbling mat and slide board, stability balls, tubing, ropes, and balance equipment.

A Unique Training Studio

Meet Bret Bondlow

Overweight as a child, Bret struggled with being bullied.

He also suffered numerous athletic injuries throughout his career.

Bret turns to exercise and his love of the outdoors, combined with his unique circular-movement training methods, to maintain a mentally and physically strong mind and body.

Bret's real passion comes from his background.

Bret Bondlow, Gada (Mace) Training

Meet Bret Bondlow

Meet Bret Bondlow, founder of Compelling Fitness

Bret's passion for helping people started as a child growing up in Villa Park, Illinois. As an overweight youth, Bret was the victim of bullying. He initially turned to exercise as a release from feelings of angst and turmoil but soon after began to understand the physical benefits as well. Not long after graduating from high school, Bret took an Instructor’s course with Outward Bound reinforcing his love of the outdoors and eagerness to share with others. Bret contributes this connection with the outdoors and nature, combined with exercise, as his key to a mentally and physically strong mind and body.

Following his Outward Bound experience, Bret began working at a residential group home for behaviorally challenged and special needs individuals. Located at the base of a mountain on a farm in western New Hampshire, it was an ideal setting for Bret. Bret worked with children and teens who exhibited intense anger who acted out with physical aggression, often requiring staff intervention. It was difficult for Bret to witness the uncontrolled outbursts but at the same time, he understood how these boys and girls felt the need to release intense emotions and pain held inside. Bret desperately wanted to help these individuals find their own grounding place and feel peace.

Thus began Bret's 30+ year journey and career of helping others as a personal trainer and behavioral specialist. Whether it be special needs clients, individuals with disabilities, those with injuries, or athletes, Bret has devoted his career to helping others achieve physical and emotional wellness. His experiences have taught him how to deeply listen and fully comprehend his patients on a global level - their physical as well as psychological needs. Bret understands that the work involved with being fit, healthy, and happy extends beyond addressing physical aspects; it often involves addressing emotional barriers or fears, as well.

Throughout his career, Bret has studied, developed, and implemented a training style that involves efficiency of movement. Bret’s training is based on re-establishing motor patterns through a variety of floor-based exercises to rebuild the foundation of physical movement. He specializes in barefoot conditioning, body-weight training, joint mobility and flexibility and the use of Indian Clubs, Clubbells and Mace (Gada). Bret believes by incorporating crawling, rolling and tumbling while teaching the body to move by flowing in a circular movement vs lifting puts far less stress on the body. In turn, this allows the body to move with greater efficiency while improving joint mobility and overall strength.

Bret Bondlow

Education, Credentials, and Licensing

As an overweight child, I became self-conscious of how I looked and moved. Today, I continue to manage fears of not being in shape, so I am constantly seeking to become a better person everyday.

Bret Bondlow

Location & Booking

Contact Bret Bondlow and Compelling Fitness to schedule an appointment, book a consult, or make an inquiry.


68 Evergreen St, Ste 5, Kingston, Ma 02364


(339) 206-1109‬


Personal training is truly about you, not me.

Bret Bondlow

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